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Random stuff I know. Random stuff for dayz.


Just favorite stuff I like, art from people who I know in real life, YouTube, comics, anything that I like ya know.



*playing Pokemon Brick Bronze* ... Can I just have a Riolu..? *crying* pokemon lucario gif If y'all don't know already, Lucario happens to be my favorite Pokemon. Yes I started playing that Roblox Brick Bronze. It's so good though! I'll probably have a chance to get Groudon SINCE HE DIDN'T WANT TO COOPERATE!!!
A/N: I like Eren in his titan form. But I mostly like it when he's in his titan form, BUT HUMAN SIZED :D


"Um... [Name]? Have you seen Eren?" Armin asked.

"I think he's with Hanji, but 3 hours passed and I'm not sure if he's still there, or was able to avoid everyone,"

"Unless Hanji made a potion that would make him small,"

"Yeaaaah. That too,"

You were a Squad Leader and you knew about Hanji experimenting on Eren. Sometimes it would be Levi, but it wouldn't end well. You knew how much Levi hated the fact that she made him Neko. Eventually, you all agreed to never speak of that incident again. You wonder what Hanji is up to now.

[1 Hour Later]

"Captain, have you seen Eren around here? I can't find him,"


Well damn. The one person you actually love here is no where to be found. Erwin didn't see him either! Eren should be cleaning by now, but I guess not since he's not cleaning?

"The hell? Its been 3 hours and no one saw him?"

"Ask four eyes. If she doesn't know where he is, then I wouldn't be so surprised,"

If Hanji didn't see Eren, you were literally going to hurt her. You even asked Mikasa and she hasn't seen him either! Well...there's a positive part of this. Jean and Eren doesn't have to fight. At least one day if whatever Hanji did lasts for at least a day. Maybe he's in his room???

You knocked on Hanji door, "Hanji? Have you seen Eren?"

Hanji swung the door open with stars in her eyes. Oh yeah. Eren has to be here.


"Stop screaming!"

Hanji pulled you in, like, actually pulled you in. When you were in, you saw a blanket over someone. Its definitely Eren.

"Eren take that off!"


"Come on Eren! It's only me and [Name] that will see this!"

He held the blanket over him tighter.

"Hanji what's wrong?"

And then she pulled the blanket off Eren. What you saw surprised you. He crossed his arms over his chest and backed up against the wall. You noticed his titan features on him. The pointy ears and the teeth.

"Okay how did you do this?" You asked.

"I dunno but it's so cool!"

"This isn't funny Hanji!" Eren complained.

If Mikasa found out, Hanji would most likely die.

"How about you hide in my room? Barely anyone comes to visit me. Uh...except the fact that Levi, Hanji, and Erwin giving me paperwork of course,"

"But can I have my blanket back. I don't want anyone else to see me like this. That goes for Mikasa and Levi!"

"Alright alright! Here!"

Eren threw the blanket over him again and you led him to your office. Whenever someone knocked on your door, you would tell Eren to hide in your closet. It happened a few times and when he heard knocking, he immediately went into the closet. To keep him from staring at you, since it felt awkward having a Titan Eren staring at you, you asked him to help you do paperwork. Hey, at least his handwriting is good and close to yours.


Now that you think about it, you think that Eren looks nice in his titan form. Although he's quite the suicidal bastard, you still like him. Well, love him to be exact. He can be a sweet heart as well in both human and titan.

Eventually, Eren was still in his titan form. When he was sure you were knocked out sleeping, he climbed onto your bed and sniffed you a little. He wanted to know your scent so whenever he's in his actual titan form, he can try to sniff you out whenever you've gone missing.

While you were sleeping, you heard slight purrs and felt weight being pushed onto you. It seems that Eren hugs something whenever he's sleeping (i do that with my pillow which happens to turn into a body pillow soon), or he just wants to keep you warm since his skin is titan skin. He's probably going to be like this by tomorrow. Who knows? Eren can just stay here if he wanted to. You wanted it to last for a little while because you were liking him like this.

[The Next Day]

Your eyes fluttered open when sunlight hit your eyes. You felt soft breathing near your cheek and as expected, Eren was still like that. You realized that it was a bit too hot so you decided to get out of bed and change into your uniform. Paper work will start after breakfast so...better make sure he doesn't come out of your office.

All of a sudden you felt Eren hugging you.

"Morning sunshine~" He said.

'Well shit,' you thought as a shade of blush appeared on your cheeks.

And there's Eren's soft side. Maybe it's not all that bad.
Not All That Bad /HalfTitan!ErenxReader/
I can't put a description correctly o.o PHONE WHY
Horns don't count, idiot by MetalWolf-AuraPrime
Horns don't count, idiot
This just came to me XD I really wanted to draw something then all of a sudden this came. Well this is the first time I drew Eren's mouth correctly. I CANT DRAW EARS. I FAILED. Also I changed the Forest Titan's appearance a little. Notice her mouth is diffrent. I thought it looked cool so I added it. It's not permanent so it's fine.
My phone restarted so now I lost everything including the next part of The Neutral Titan. Thanks phone.


MetalWolf-AuraPrime's Profile Picture
United States
Hiya! My name is AuraPrime or by the name I'd like to go irl and the name I want my friends to call me, A.J. I will apparently post random drawings. Most may not have color since I can only draw on paper and I'm too lazy to get my art materials. Since I have school, I won't post often. Colored of my art will be posted from my IPad or my phone. My phone doesn't really have like...the way I was used to on IPad. The sketchbook only has like 3 layers so it won't work out.

Fav Games:

Yandere Simulator
FNaF (not really)
Emily Wants to Play (sort of)

Fav Movies/Shows

Lab Rats (I think that's what it's called)

Other Fav


Crushies (idk XD)

Mortal Kombat X (I have a lot XD): Scorpion (Hanzo), Kotal Kahn, Ermac, Erron Black, Raiden (what's wrong with me again?)
Transformers: Optimus Prime
Creepypasta: Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer
Undertale: Asriel Dreemurr (can't spell)

I like creepy stuff .3. Can be a SIN-namon role mostly. Heh. See what I did there? K I sinned.

Autobot Out

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